Round table is the biggest lads club in the World, it can be simply described as groups of like minded guys meeting up twice a month to try new events and activities.

Each of these groups are referred to as a table and no matter which table you join, the theme is the same – Life is just too short to not have fun and seek out new experiences!

The organisation is Worldwide, with the UK alone having over 1,000 tables! Interactions between tables is very common, from regular area events to the 4 national events each year. Beyond this there are frequent international events, meaning the experiences and friendships are endless.

The only entry requirements are having an open mind and wanting to try new things. Social standing, status and background are not something we are concerned with, everyone is judged on their personality alone!

See our programme page for the events coming up! Interested? Please get in touch through our ‘Contact Us’ page, I can promise you the friendships you make in this group are both uncountable and unforgettable!