Sheringham and Cromer Round Table

Sheringham and Cromer Round Table is number 149 and we meet twice a month within our regular programme – although every few months we will have ladies nights and invite the partners out to keep them sweet.

Our group’s members range from accountants to electricians, dentists to business owners, any one from any walk of life is welcome. Our monthly events include everything available to us in North Norfolk and Norwich (check out our programme page for the current line up).

Of course for us, the area, national and international events aren’t enough and we’re part of an annual Euroweekend! Round tables sharing the number 149 in common from the UK, Sweden, Germany, France and Holland meet on an annual basis, taking it in turns to host the weekend and provide the entertainment each year. Meet the culture of 4 different countries in the friendliest atmosphere you can witness, all in one weekend! The experience really cannot be summed up in words, 2012 saw an amazing trip to Sweeden, 2013 saw us host our friends from overseas and 2014 was a great weekend in France! 2015 will see us travel to Holland and 2016 we will be off to Germant – before we start all over again.